Protection of Water Resources

Water consumption in 2018 amounted to 11.8 million m3 (+4.4% year-on-year), wastewater disposal – to 9.2 million m3 (+0.1%).

Commissioned in 2018 were 12 wastewater treatment stations, with the total capacity standing at 27,000 m3/day (including six newly built stations and six stations that underwent technical upgrading, were revamped or overhauled). Three out of the 12 stations were manufactured, assembled and upgraded to reach the design performance through the effort of the Tyumen MRP of Transneft Siberia.

Water protection measures taken in 2018 resulted in the reduction of insufficiently treated wastewater dumped to water bodies by 3% year-on-year which reached 110,234 m3.

The year 2019 will see the revamping of mixed wastewater treatment facilities at the Sokur LODS of Transneft Western Siberia, which will enable the reduction of polluted wastewater discharged into surface water bodies by 3% and totally eliminate the discharge of insufficiently treated wastewater by 2020.

Water consumption and disposal at Transneft’s facilities, million m3