Innovative Development

Innovative development is one of Transneft’s priority areas. New engineering solutions are being introduced with the view to ensure reliability and safety of the system of oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines and uninterrupted transportation of oil and petroleum products to consumers in Russia and abroad. The Company’s innovative development is governed by Transneft’s Innovation Development Programme for 2017-2021Approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors of Transneft dated 11 November 2016 (Minutes No. 21)..

The objectives of the Transneft Innovation Development Programme are closely related to the objectives stated in corporate strategic documents, including the Development Strategy and the Transneft Long-Term Development Programme. They include:

  • Increasing the role of innovations in achieving the Company’s strategic goals
  • Increasing the efficiency of core business processes and productivity growth
  • Lowering the cost of production and reducing specific costs of transportation services provided
  • Improving the quality of oil and petroleum products transportation services (including reliability and safety)
  • Improving the Company’s energy efficiency
  • Improving the Company’s sustainability

The following list of priority areas for technological development was determined in the context of the innovation development goals and as a follow-up on the technological audit conducted by the Company:

  • In-line inspection
  • Monitoring and geolocation
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Environmental safety
  • Reduction of hydraulic losses
  • “one-touch” control
  • Improvement of the construction and operation of storage tanks for oil and petroleum products
  • Nanotechnology
Innovation Development Programme’s Results against KPI
Indicator Unit of measurement Value
2017 actual 2018 target 2018 actual
1. Financing of innovative projects, including R&D, from own funds given as a percentage of Transneft’s revenue from oil transportation services (according to RAS) % 1.41 1.41 1.41
2. The number of documents of title to intellectual property pcs. 91 92 94