Operational Efficiency

Transneft is one of the most energy-efficient pipeline companies in the worldAccording to the updated comparative analysis of the indicators of specific operating expenses of Transneft compared with leading foreign companies in the field of oil and petroleum products transportation for 2016-2017, conducted by the international consulting company KPMG. During the study, the main sources of information were annual reports of companies, reports submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), industry-specific reports provided to the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other public sources. The data for 2018 had not yet been published at the time of the research. .

Transneft maintains consistently low levels of specific operating expenses. In 2017, specific operating expenses related to oil transportation (USD 0.32 per 100 tkm) were lower than the similar indicator for Enbridge, the biggest foreign company among those under review in terms of freight turnover (USD 0.38 per 100 tkm), and 3.9 times lower than the median value in the sample (USD 1.24 per 100 tkm).

In 2017, Transneft’s specific operating expenses on oil transportation (USD 0.99 per 100 tkm) were 1.5 times lower than the median value in the sample (USD 1.53 per 100 tkm).

Specific Operating Expenses during Oil Transportation, USD / 100 tkm Source: KPMG
In-kind labor productivity, (million tkm / person) Source: KPMG
Specific Operating Expenses during Petroleum Products Transportation, USD / 100 tkm Source: KPMG