Company’s Faces: Yulia Mironenko

Юлия Мироненко

I love trying new things; my hobbies include surfing, acrobatics, folk and ballroom dancing. I like competitions and public performances too. I’ve won the Best in Profession contest, both corporate and international; I gave speeches at youth science and technology conferences.

A short time ago I tried my hand in snowboarding competitions at the 4th Transneft Winter Sports Festival in the city of Ufa. I did not win any prizes, but I learned something very important. It appears to novices that the spirit of tough competition reigns supreme here. But this is not true. First and foremost, we are colleagues and friends sharing a common cause. The Sports Festival draws people closer to each other.

Yulia Mironenko

When we were expecting a baby, everybody told me that with a little child on my hands I’d have to forget about traveling or sports. Well, our life is nothing of the kind: we take our little daughter with us everywhere we go. She loves sports and travel as much as my husband and I, and she supports me at all competitions. We’ll start teaching her skiing when she’s a bit older.

Yulia Mironenko
I love trying new things