Company’s Faces: Sergey Valchenko

Sergey Valchenko

I dedicated 35 years of my life to diving and I am now 55. I’ve climbed all steps of the career ladder from a river worker to an expert in underwater operations. I’ll keep working as long as I can pass the essential medical tests. Especially because I have my hands full. Business trips take up most of my time. Not a single deep dive happens without our division participating. Our mission is to provide divers with everything necessary to make their work safe. We are a safeguard against accidents, so to say. I test new diving equipment myself before allowing others to use it.

Fishing is one of my main hobbies. I dare say that there are few rivers this side of the Ural Mountains I have not been to. During my business trips I sometimes have to stay on a motor boat, and to me this is better than a luxury hotel. You step onto the deck in the morning and see sun-glade and flecks on the mirror-like water surface. That’s amazing!

Sergey Valchenko
I dedicated 35 years
of my life to diving and I am now 55