Company’s Faces: Oksana Belyakova

I tremendously enjoy mastering something new. And I seek constant improvement in my favourite hobby, badminton. I’ve almost never parted with my racket since the age of 7, when my friend enrolled me in a sports club. I am sure that my unbending disposition is a result of playing this sport.

Oksana Belyakova
Oksana Belyakova

It’s a pity that less and less time is left for my hobby as years go by. I used to practise 5-6 times a week. Now I can only do so 2-3 times. Nevertheless, I do my best to stay in shape, participating in several competitions a year. I dream of continuing my training and participating in Russian, European and worldwide veteran tournaments.

Since the age of 7
I’ve almost never parted with my racket