AC Authorized capital
ACS Automated Control System
AGMS Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
AMIS EMM Automated measuring and information system of energy monitoring and metering
APAC Asia-Pacific
ASEPTM Automated system of electric power technical metering
BD Board of Directors
BPS The Baltic Pipeline System
CGC Corporate Governance Code, recommended by the Bank of Russia
CIS Corporate Information System
CIS The Commonwealth of Independent States
CMD Central Maintenance Division
CPC Caspian Pipeline Consortium
DMFR Digital motor field regulators (devices for regulating the operation of synchronous motors)
DW Development Work
EBITDA Earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization
EF Efficiency
EGSM Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
ELMD Emergency line maintenance division
EMERCOM The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters
EMS Environmental Management System
ERD Emergency repair division
ESPO Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean
FAS Federal Antimonopoly Service
FD Federal district
FEA Federal executive authorities
FES Fuel and energy sector
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GMS General Meeting of Shareholders
GosSOPKA Russian State System for Detection, Prevention, and Mitigation of Computer Attacks
GRI Guidelines for sustainability reporting under the Global Reporting Initiative
IAOT The International Association of Oil Transporters
IDP Transneft Innovation Development Programme
IFC International financial center
IFRS The International Financial Reporting Standards
ILI In-line inspection
IP Intellectual Property
ISO The International Organization for Standardization
JAOVRU Jet Absorption Oil Vapor Recovery Unit
JSC Joint-Stock Company
KPI Key performance indicator
L/Line Line
LACT Oil and petroleum products’ lease automatic custody transfer units
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate (average interest rate at which banks operating on the London interbank market lend to one another)
LLC Limited Liability Company
LODS Line operation dispatcher station
LDP The Long-Term Development Programme of Transneft
LTM Last twelve months
MPU Mainline pump unit
MRP Machinery and Repair Plant
NCP Non-Commercial Partnership
NCSP Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port
NP RID The Russian Institute of Directors non-commercial partnership
NERT Non-regular emergency rescue team
OC Oil company
OEICC Transneft’s Programme for Operational Efficiency Improvement and Cost Cutting
OPEX Operating expenses
OPU Oil pumping unit
OR (Oil) refinery
ORE Oil recovery efficiency
OTP Oil trunk pipeline
PERT Professional emergency rescue team
PJSC Public Joint-Stock Company
PPTP Petroleum products trunk pipeline
PS Oil pumping station
R Research
R&D Research and Development
RAS The Russian Accounting Standards
RI Research institute
RMS Risk management system
ROIC Return on invested capital
RSPP Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
RUERS Russian Unified Emergency Rescue Service
SDEPR Specialised Directorate for Emergency Prevention and Response
SME Small and medium-sized enterprises
SPIMEX St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange
SSOP Specialized sea oil port
tkm tonne-kilometer (unit of measurement combining the number of tonnes of cargo and the distance in kilometers)
TOD FT Transregional Operations Department of the Federal Treasury
toe Tonne of oil equivalent (unit for integrated accounting of different fuels)
TP Trunk pipelines
Transneft ES Transneft’s Emergency Prevention and Response System
TS Transneft subsidiaries
TS Transportation system
TSE Technical security equipment
TUR&OH Technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul
VHI Voluntary Health Insurance
VRU Vapor Recovery Unit